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Friday, December 25, 2009

Angela Lupinacci

Poison & Wine
Angela Lupinacci modified the lyrics to this song by "The Civil Wars".

One Man Orchestra
I found this guys channel about a week ago. If he makes more videos like this, he won't be a stranger to Spintown.

Heart & Soul Boogie
The Boogie Woogie Kid AKA Matthew Ball is my favorite piano player on YouTube....hands down.

Who I Am
David Choi makes a cool VideoSong cover of this song by Nick Jonas And The Administration.

You'll Be In My Heart
Kris Mark is actually the subject of my next "Spintown Interviews..." video. Here he sings a Phil Collins cover with Scott Yoshimoto & Joseph Vincent.

Tommy Knox is a bit of a drama queen, but I love his music.

Songs Of The Day 2 x 2
1. doppimus - Blackbird (Beatles cover)
2. Alyssa Bernal - Hosanna (Hillsong United cover)
3. Ana Free - Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters cover)
4. Molly Samson - Sadness On Your MP3 (original)

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