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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conan O'Brien Is My Jam

This is "The Hair Kid"...he apparently supports Conan. :p

When You Say (Nine)
It feels like it's been forever since Gabe Bondoc posted a video.

Ke$ha vs Lady Gaga?
DeStorm is more entertaining then both of those ladies...and I use the term ladies loosely.

Beat Box Show
beardyman uploaded a 50 minute live performance.

Ezekiel Saw De Wheel
Jayson Wilson may spell his name wrong, but he makes a decent YouTube video.

She Was Mine
Amarith & Huu team up to cover an AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera song.

I Crush Everything
Paul Potts (TMA member) did a great cover of this Jonathan Coulton song.

Equal Rights
Afro Fiesta sings one of their songs for "Playing For Change".

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