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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Future Soon

Besides being one of the nicest people on YouTube, Sara Parsons (TMA member) does a mean Jonathan Coulton cover.

A Song About Love
Charlie McDonnell was challenged on Twitter, to write & perform an entire song using only voice & everyday items.

Another Shoe
Denise Hudson (TMA member) had a bad day the other day. So watch her video, then go tell her how great she is.

Army of Robots
Glen Raphael (NEW TMA member) is a Jonathan Coulton fan. This song actually has a JoCo feel to it.

Someone Like You
It's always a good thing to see a new original song from Frank Bell in your inbox. If you missed my interview with Frank just click HERE.

Somewhere In Between
Spenser Bahr is one of the people I discovered in the "YouTube Treasure Hunt" yesterday. I thought you might enjoy another one of his original songs.

Are You Jimmy Ray?
Scott & Ben MacKay have a great YouTube channel. This isn't an original, but it's a great Jimmy Ray cover with their friend Ryan Merry.

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