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Friday, January 8, 2010

How She Wishes

Joel Cathey doesn't hang around TMA as much as he should, but it's alright as long as he's busy making VideoSongs like this.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Medley
Maikel van den Boome shares my love of the Marimba.

Jeff MacDougall is one of my favorite Song Fu vets, as well as a TMA founder. If he can actually follow through with what he says in the video, he'll become one of my favorite YouTubers as well. The song he sings is the song he wrote when battling Jonathan Coulton in the first Masters Of Song Fu. Oh, and you can watch my interview with Jeff HERE.

Caught Up
James Ha probably moves around more then Usher while performing.

Not Alone
Raven Zoe is a fairly new TMA member, but has already proved to have a high level of awesome. This is a cover from "A Very Potter Musical".

Bad News
This is awesome covering awesome. Dave Leigh covering Inverse T. Clown...both are TMA members.

I recently stumbled upon Taylor Wagner on YouTube. After I saw this original song I subscribed.

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