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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If You Think You Need Some Lovin

After watching this video I had a new favorite Pomplamoose song.

The Mission
Dave Leigh (TMA member) will be competing in the next Song Fu. Until the Fu begins, you can enjoy this original song.

Loved You Tonight
Kris Mark decided to cover a John West song for his latest video. If you missed my recent interview with Kris, you can watch it HERE.

Pants On The Ground
Gereral Larry Platt singing his viral hit in it's entirety.

Pants On The Ground
I featured Creigh Riepe in my "You Tube Treasure Hunt #2". I happened to notice he put up a studio version of this song.

2 x 2 Covers
1. Tommy Knox - Juicy (Notorious BIG cover)
2. Sam Hart - Sweet And Low (Augustana cover)
3. Derek Cate - Come Home (One Republic cover)
4. Rochelle - Tic Toc (Ke$ha cover)

2 x 2 More Covers
1. Zack Kim - Air on G (J.S. Bach)
2. Taylor Wagner - White Horse (Taylor Swift cover)
3. CP & Duke - Baby (Justin Bieber cover)
4. Michael Schulte - I Don't Believe (Pink cover)

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