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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meghan Tonjes Covers YouTube

Meghan Tonjes decided to cover some of her favorite female singers on YouTube recently. I had already subscribed to Kina Grannis, Esmee Denters & Lisa Lavie; but she turned me into a fan of Siri Grace, Lauren O'Connell & Katelyn Autry. Today I'm posting 6 of Meghan's videos, along with a video from Siri, Lauren & Katelyn since I'm a new subscriber to their channels now.

Outta Here
Here's Meghan's cover of Esmee Denters biggest hit.

What I Wanted
Well hopefully Meghan will get Siri Grace some new subscribers.

Meghan Tonjes 2 x 2
1. Strong Enough (Kina Grannis cover)
2. The Same Things (Lauren O'Connell cover)
3. Angel (Lisa Lavie cover)
4. Breakthrough (Katelyn Autry cover)

Over The Edge
This is a Siri Grace original song presented in the form of a VideoSong.

Oncoming Traffic
This is a Lauren O'Connell original song.

Something To Appreciate
This is a Katelyn Autry original song.

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  1. yay! Glad I directed you to some really talented girls :)