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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Molly Song

Well Jeff MacDougall decided to cover a Mike Lombardo song about Molly Lewis....a lot of TMA is covered in this 1 video.

This is Molly...you know...the girl mentioned above. Well she has a show coming up with Mike Lombardo. If you want to get right to the music, go to 2:26 in the video for a Radiohead cover.

Stars Collide
I stumbled onto another Song Fight member on YouTube yesterday. I didn't know Josh Woodward is from my neck of the woods, that's kind of cool.

The Photosynthesis Song
Ross Durand is another Song Fight member. This isn't his channel, but I enjoyed the song. You can find lyrics, and a MP3 download HERE.

2 x 2 Originals
1. Nicolas Jon Curcio - Can't Hardly Wait
2. Hannah-Rei - Head Over Heels
3. Mr. Jones (from ahmir) & Chilla Jones featuring Mike Kalombo - Klassic Cypher 2
4. Danielle Todd - I Tried

2 x 2 Covers
1. Kina Grannis - Crawl (Chris Brown cover)
2. omgmhazzrocks - I Will Never Love You More (Soko cover)
3. Lisa Scinta - Speechless (Lady Gaga cover)
4. Ally Heman - Yellow (Coldplay cover)

Liar Liar
Leia Hornedo covers this Never Shout Never song. Liea is also a TMA member like Jeff, Mike & Molly...check the link in the sidebar.

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