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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #1

Basically what I did for today's blog is set YouTubes search options to 'Relevance' & 'Today', then searched for the words "Original Song". Next I sifted through the first 7 pages of videos, attempted to find the best of the bunch, and now I'm sharing these unknowns with you. Unknown meaning they probably don't even have 100 subscribers. I can't promise I'll find talent every time I do this, but I'll post the best of whatever I do find. I did the search for this post the other night, and I actually ended up subscribing to one of the people I stumbled upon. I won't tell you which, I'll let you try to guess. I'll leave a link to the YouTube channels & Twitter accounts (if they have one) of the people I feature in case you decide to become a fan.

Eli Lieb
This is Eli's original song "Human". He clearly has talent, and currently has 101 subscribers on his channel.

elilieb & @elilieb

Kate McLennan
This is Kate's original song "Body". She currently only has 6 subscribers.


Gabby Banzon & Zach Karamallakis
"Ekphrastic Round Tree" was written by both parties, but this is from Gabby's YouTube channel. She currently has only 7 subscribers.


I didn't see Haley's full name, so I used her YouTube handle for the title. This is her original song "A Kitten's Purr", and she currently has 67 subscribers.


Michelle Hathaway
"Inside Of You" isn't one of my favorite songs on Michelle's channel, but I liked it. I just had to attempt to imagine it without the guitar. Oh, and she currently has 9 subscribers.


Chloe Marks
Chloe currently has 36 subscribers, and this is her original song "Broken Hearts".


If any of you ever make it big on YouTube or otherwise...just remember the poor little blog that knew you before. :P


  1. Hey Spintown,

    Thanks for finding this small fish in the great Internet sea of songs. Hope my song made you smile.


  2. Hey Spintown,

    Thank you so much for recognizing Gabby and me! Being recognized as musicians means a great deal to Gabby and I, and we are truly great full.

  3. I echo the sentiments of both Kate and Zach. Thanks you so much for doing this. It's nice to know that somebody out there is giving us little guys a chance.

    <3, Haley aka Spockgiirl