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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #2

Today I set YouTubes search options to 'Relevance' & 'Today', then searched for the words "Original Song". Next I sifted through the first 7 pages of videos, attempted to find the best of the bunch, and now I'm sharing these unknowns with you. Unknown meaning they probably don't even have 100 subscribers. I can't promise I'll find talent every time I do this, but I'll post the best of whatever I do find. I'll leave a link to the YouTube channel of the artists I feature today.

Creigh Riepe (37 subscribers)
Creigh seems to be a very talented guy. I was a little stunned at how few subs he had. This song is titled "Until The Day I Die".


Jim Pryor (1 subscriber)
Listen to "You Dont Need Me", and if you like it go subscribe to Jim. Heck you could double his subscriber total with "the touch of a button".


Will Boswell & James Thompson (5 subscribers)
"Caught Up With You" is a good song, but these guys need to put more info on their YouTube page.


nolono (115 subscribers)
Vincent had more subscribers then anyone else I featured today. "The Reversed Clock" is an instrumental, but that's OK because this isn't Song Fu or Song Fight.


Selina Lau (30 subscribers)
She's still really young, but "Don't You Cry" isn't a bad song.


roarmann (0 subscribers)
"My Home Town" is a good song. If you hurry, you could be this guys very first subscriber.


Bobby Stewart (14 subscribers)
Who let grandpa on the computer? Oh well, "Part Of Me" actually likes this.


Best Of The Rest 2 x 2 (92 combined subscribers)
1. Tyler Buckwald - Take Me Back (halfbathjams)
2. Cali Rodi - I Love You More (CaliRodi)
3. Jane Lynn - 'Cause My Mama Says (JaneLynnMusic)
4. Juliette Goglia - Best Friend (juliettegogliamusic)

If any of you ever make it big on YouTube or otherwise...just remember the poor little blog that knew you before. :P Please subscribe & visit Spintown on a regular basis.

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