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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Change The World

Matthew Jordan made a cool VideoSong for this Eric Clapton cover.

I'll Never Stop Loving You
Austin Criswell is one of the people I stumbled onto during a "YouTube Treasure Hunt". I'm very glad I did, because he's already posted a new original.

Sam Tsui singing an Iyaz song, with Kurt Hugo Schneider on guitar. Juliet Weybret recently uploaded a cover of this song HERE.

2 x 2 Covers
1. Lisa Lavie featuring Mike Kolombo - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (Alicia Keys cover)
2. Tiffany Rochelle - Party In The USA (Miley Cyrus cover)
3. Rebecca Shearing - Happy (Leona Lewis cover)
4. Jonathan David - Leaving On A Jet Plane (John Denver cover)

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