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Monday, February 8, 2010

I WIsh

This isn't a new video, but it doesn't have a lot of views yet. Kay K. BayZ is a 1 man band that Mike Lombardo showed to me the other day. He does a pretty good Stevie Wonder cover.

All the Girls
Todd Kuffner teams up with Huu in this collab.

Here's the latest original song from Jonathan Mann.

2 x 2 Covers
1. Matt Hutchison - Supermassive Black Hole (Muse cover)
2. Ana Free - In Your Atmosphere (John Mayer cover)
3. Sam Hart & Dustin Domingo - Hey, Soul Sister (Train cover)
4. Monique Macasaet, Lauren Dimapasoc & Dustin Domingo - Therapy (India Arie cover)

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