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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kiss Me Through The Phone

I'm not a fan of Soulja Boy, but loved this video I saw thanks to a Raven Zoe tweet.

Let Me Kiss You
I stumbled onto Dini Kimmel during one of my "YouTube Treasure Hunts". In this video she's covering a Morrissey song.

Booze House Blues
Matthew Ball aka The Boogie Woogie Kid plays a song titled after his wife's book.

Round And Round
YouTuber 'Roarman' is another person I found on a treasure hunt. In the first verse he sings about a BLUE & YELLOW go-kart....that's one sure way to get this Mario Kart fan to post your video.

When Darkness Takes Flight
I've posted a lot of the Ray Montford Group lately...can you blame me?

In My Head
Jason Chen & CP cover a Jason Derulo song. This is the song I attempted to lip sync to earilier in the week.

2 x 2 Covers
1. Dustin Prinz & Anna Lisa Kinder - 9 Crimes (Damien Rice cover)
2. Monique Macasaet - Valentine (Kina Grannis cover)
3. Craig Bevan - Release Me (Agnes cover)
4. Brittany Nicole - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)

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