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Friday, February 5, 2010

Nugget Man

Mike Lombardo (TMA co-founder) does a Paul & Storm cover on a....pipe organ?

Matt Hutchison covers a Paramore song by myself...or with himself...or well...just watch.

Jonathan Mann is hopefully going to be a big rockstar "someday". And I'll be able to say he once wrote a song about my blog. :p

Legaci & Summer Breeze cover this Jay Sean song.

Hey, Soul Sister
Reina del Cid covers Train with a ukulele.

MissCarolinexoxo does a cover of a Rihanna song in the garage.

Anna Molly
Ryan Clouse covers an Incubus song.

A lot of well known people in today's update. I'm looking forward to the next "YouTube Treasure Hunt". Hopefully we'll find some new people to listen to.

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