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Monday, February 15, 2010

Share The Love

Jon Cozart (TMA member) is deleting his old YouTube channel, and has created a new one. The good news is that he has a new video as well.

The Internet Is For Porn
Glenn Case & Rachael Layne cover an internet favorite from AvenueQ.

UNTITLED Valentine's Day Song
What should Esna Yoon call her new song?

Little Bird
Here's an original from Suzy Condrad.

Believe In Angels
The Ray Montford Group playing an original song. Even if Song Fu instrumentals were this good, I still wouldn't vote for them.

Throw Your Arms Around Me
Ruben Santos covers a song by Hunters & Collectors.

Covers 2 x 2
1. CP Phan & Dustin Domingo - Save Room (John Legend cover)
2. Ahmir - Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor Swift cover)
3. Kaz Mills - Wish I Stayed (Ellie Goulding cover)
4. Ally Heman - Valentine (Kina Grannis cover)

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