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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Love

Spintown News:
If you haven't had enough of them yet, here's another Valentine's Day song: "If Our Love Was An Outhouse". This time it's from Bryant Oden.

Bram Tant (TMA member) would like a little feedback on a song he's working on: Electric or Acoustic. Leave him some comments on the videos, thanks.

Simple Love
I'm glad Abby Simons is making videos again, and I hope she keeps it up. Enjoy this original song.

Josh Woodward not only gets special treatment at Spintown because he's a good singer/songwriter, but also because he's from Ohio. Enjoy his new original song.

I Need My Glasses
I'm guessing the sunglasses are because of screen glare...I mean Joe Penna must spend 80 hours a week staring at his screen editing.

Make Me Feel
I have a feeling you'll be seeing more of Rob Parks...

I'll Catch You
Dr. Noise covers a Get Up Kids song.

How To Save A Life
A piano cover of my favorite song from The Fray.

Forever Road
Tommy Knox channels some Darius Rucker...

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