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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Jennifer Chung, Alyssa Bernal & Melissa Polinar get together to cover this Kina Grannis song.

I Wish You Love
I listen to Dean Martin sing this song all the time. Esna Yoon, Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher together don't have Dean's skills, but this is still good.

Don't Trust Me
Twelve Inch Ninja covering a 3oh!3 song.

When You Come Back Down
I once said Sara Parsons (TMA member) is the nicest girl on YouTube...this Nickel Creek cover sort of backs up my previous statement.

There's No Place Like Home
Ahmir sings one of their songs acapella.

My Turn To Run
Glenn Case sings a song from a band he's in called Buffalo Jones.

Covers 2 x 2
1. Abby Simons & Harry Gold - Bury Me Beneath The Willow (standard bluegrass cover)
2. Matt Hutchison - Unintended (Muse cover)
3. Austin Criswell - Yesterday (Beatles cover)
4. Ally Heman - Everything's Right (Matt Wertz cover)

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