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Sunday, February 7, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #5

If you don't know the rules to these 'Treasure Hunts', they are as follows:
1. Set YouTube search options to "Music", "Relavence" & "Today".
2. Type in "Original Song" & hit the search button.
3. Look through the first 7 pages of results...only the first 7.
4. Anyone who sits down in front of a camera & sings an original song could be featured in the "YouTube Treasure Hunt". I do try to find lesser known YouTubers with around 100 subscribers or less, but that part is flexible as you'll see.

Last week I didn't find much talent in my search. Matter a fact I only featured 3 videos, when I typically feature 7. Today I didn't have that problem, and I think you'll like my findings.

Sami Ylinen (? subs)
"It's All Gone" is a good song from Rainhat, but I'm not sure how many subs he has. It doesn't say on his channel.


Craig Bevan (518 subs)
This original song is called "Drifting Along".

MrCraigBevan & @MrCraigBevan

Jesse MacLeod (32 subs)
This original song is called "When The River Bends".


Elliott Kimmel (661 subs)
"Rideau Raiders" is a nice song, but all the talking is supposed to go after the song Elliott, not before. :p When I stumbled onto Elliott's channel I also found Dini Kimmel's channel. It's like finding multiple Doritos stuck together making a super Dorito. Dini is very talented as well, and I enjoyed her original song "Save The Night".

zerobio & jejakjemariMusic

Kari Fleskes (273 subs)
The original lyrics to "If I Have To" were written by Crystal Banks Sciarratta.


Jerry Weil (540 subs)
"Beyond The Love Song" was co-written by Suzanne Smith.


Brad Cash (37 subs)
This original song is called "Put In My Place".


There were a few songs that I just didn't have room to feature. "Sound Like Aaliyah Today" is a cute song from Rob & Aaliyah Feaster (0 subs). Lindsay White (43 subs) also posted a decent song called "Now", but needs to find a better microphone.

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