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Saturday, February 27, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #8

This week I bent the rules of the treasure hunt just a little...twice. There weren't too many good videos on the day of the search, but I did post the best of the bunch. The rules which I loosely follow are below:

If you don't know the rules to these 'Treasure Hunts', they are as follows:
1. Set YouTube search options to "Music", "Relavence" & "Today".
2. Type in "Original Song" & hit the search button.
3. Look through the first 7 pages of results...only the first 7.
4. Anyone who sits down in front of a camera & sings an original song could be featured in the "YouTube Treasure Hunt". I do try to find lesser known YouTubers with around 100 subscribers or less, but that part is flexible as you'll see.

Robert Chappers (10,299 subs)
This is The Monkey Lord's "Pizza Song". A very simple, but funny VideoSong. I know this guy doesn't qualify as an unknown, but hell I did mention there wasn't much to pick from. Besides...I also mentioned I would try to find all lesser known YouTubers...doesn't mean I can every time.


A To Z Band (2 subs)
I love Aerosmith & Aerosmith parodies about the internetz. Enjoy "The Facebook Song" which is a "Come Together" spoof.


podline66 (1,439 subs)
"I Dream Alone" is a song by...well...um...I don't know. I hate it when people don't have their names & Twitter account on their YouTube page.


Genesis Sol (1 sub)
"Onions" is an original song that will make you cry while chopping it up.


ZealousJack (3 subs)
Another one that didn't include his full name...but the song is called "Hey Brooke".


Really people...INCLUDE YOUR NAMES & TWITTER ACOUNTS! :P It's so much easier to promote you that way. This song is called "Half-Painted Canvas", by Christine...something.


Megha Goel & Sargoon Singh
This video isn't included because the people have "talent"...but I still think it's a "Treasure" since it made me LOL a number of times. "Somehow Anyhow" is a self composed...rap.


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