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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Heretic's Song

Here's the latest original from Tom Milsom.

Changed My Mind
Kata Hay also posted a new original today.

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
Team XOXO covering Frankie Vallie.

Down To Earth
Sarah LaMantia singing a Justin Bieber song.

Will someone please stop Justin Bieber before he takes over YouTube....he's driving me nuts. Here's Jessica Sanchez & AJB covering "Baby".

Kaz Mills covering a Lady Gaga & Beyonce song.

He Is My King
I actually found this while doing my latest "YouTube Treasure Hunt". The only reason I don't plan on including it in the final blog is because Stefan Blazen needs to write another verse or 2. Sounds great, just not much to it.


  1. Thanks again for sharing my video's! You have no idea how much I appreciate your support :) You rock!


  2. You're right about my song "He is My King". I plan to write some more verses for it. I'll get to work. Thanks for your input. :)


  3. Thanks Kata.

    I look forward to hearing more of your song Stefan.