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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hold Out

Cool original song from Reign Of Kindo.

Another great song from the Playing For Change project.

Again Again
I've known who Michelle Vargas is for a long time....however I feel like an moron for not knowning about this channel & her singing. This is her covering a Lady Gaga song.

By Your Side
Jeff MacDougal (TMA member) has a hard time staying on schedule, but when he does upload something, it's definately worth your time. Click HERE to watch my interview with him, after you listen to his Sade cover.

2 x 2
1. Alex Cunninghamm & Matthew Kline - Raining On My Sunday Afternoon (original)
2. Brent Morgan - Paranoid (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
3. Christina Grimmie - Baby (Justin Bieber cover)
4. Shan Malaika & Greg Cunningham - Speechless (Lady Gaga cover)

Another 2 x 2
1. Emily Harder - Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon cover)
2. Sarah LaMantia - Live Like We're Dying (Kris Allen & The Script cover)
3. Tyler Slemp - Sorry For Who I Am (original)
4. Taylor Wagner - Neverland (original)

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