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Saturday, March 13, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #10

I found a lot of talent in this weeks hunt. The rules to the hunt will be changing a little starting with hunt #11. I'll tell you more on that later, but I will also only be doing them once a month for awhile. I'd like to make these 2-3 times a week, but it just takes up too much time. If I ever win the lotto or get paid for blogging, maybe then I'd do more. I also plan to go back & feature my favorite musicians from hunts 1-10.

If you don't know the rules to these 'Treasure Hunts', they are as follows:
1. Set YouTube search options to "Music", "Relavence" & "Today".
2. Type in "Original Song" & hit the search button.
3. Look through the first 7 pages of results...only the first 7.
4. Anyone who sits down in front of a camera & sings an original song could be featured in the "YouTube Treasure Hunt". I do try to find lesser known YouTubers with around 100 subscribers or less, but that part is flexible as you'll see.

Tim Angsten (0 subs)
Song: "Never Touch The Ground"


Jacob Tacher (32 subs)
Song: "When I Think I'm Strong"


Alina Ostrow (183 subs)
Song: "In Between"


Mike Biggar (2 subs)
Song: "June Night"


RedSGShredder (8,021 subs)
Song: "Colossal Squidlord"


Chris Bongat (24 subs)
VideoSong: "Internet Porn"


2 x 2
1. Jason Ellis - River Darling (24 subs)
2. iceyflows - How Do I (14 subs)
3. Katie Krenning - Hey Negativity (39 subs)
4. Erin Solomon - Possibilities (? subs)

1 comment:

  1. Jacob Tacher was my favorite. He is really talented even when he is sick it seems!