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Sunday, March 7, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #9

I thought the selection in this weeks treasure hunt was pretty good. I did the actual hunt days ago, and found a number of unknowns worth a shout out.

If you don't know the rules to these 'Treasure Hunts', they are as follows:
1. Set YouTube search options to "Music", "Relavence" & "Today".
2. Type in "Original Song" & hit the search button.
3. Look through the first 7 pages of results...only the first 7.
4. Anyone who sits down in front of a camera & sings an original song could be featured in the "YouTube Treasure Hunt". I do try to find lesser known YouTubers with around 100 subscribers or less, but that part is flexible as you'll see.

Kristy Hanson (29 Subs)
This is only person I was able to find a Twitter account for. Enjoy her original song titled "Second Fiddle".


Collab Video (1,685 Subs)
This is a collab between 4 different YouTubers...links to all of them are below the video.

Schneider1988, Adje1960, korgrandi & woodyamsterdam

Josh Brock (27 Subs)
I actually found video of Josh on 2 channels during this search. This song is called "Good Old Liberty".


Dan Morrissey (38 Subs)
I really enjoyed this song, but I'm pretty sure this isn't Dan's channel. Dan wrote "I Finally Got You" for his wife, and performed it on his wedding day.


Jess Houser (16 Subs)
"4 foot 3" held my attention all the way through.


returntospirit (0 Subs)
"No Wound Will Remain" is a good song, and I think I found the right Twitter account for this guy....not sure though. People really need to make it easier for viewers to learn about & promote them.


2 x 2
Travis Thorup - Resolve (2 Subs)
ewolfee - This Abandoned House (1 Sub)
Scott Houston - Angel (11 Subs)
Amber Lee Baker - Alpha (6 Subs)

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