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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best Of The Best #1

To date, I've done 10 "YouTube Treasure Hunts". Some of the people I featured, I ended up subscribing to. Today, I'm featuring the people who have been my favorite YouTubers since being featured in a one of the hunts. If you're looking for new talent to sub to on YouTube...these people are a good place to start. I'll be doing 1 hunt each month from now on, and there may be some rule changes. I'll give you more details on that next weekend....which is when the next hunt will probably be posted.

My Philosophy by Elliott Kimmel
Elliott has been fairly active on YouTube since I subscribed, and I haven't heard a bad song yet. His subscriber total is already growing (661 to 810), so don't be late to this bandwagon.


Save The Night by Dini Kimmel (934 subs)
Finding Elliott had a bonus...turns out his wife Dini is also a musician. She was never featured in a "YouTube Treasure Hunt", but if not for the project, I would have never found her.


Now We're Whole by Elliott & Dini Kimmel
As good as they are on their own, they're even better together. It was like finding an unknown Pomplamoose.

zerobio & jejakjemariMusic

Misanthrope's Lament (People Suck) by Glen Raphael
Since I featured Glen, he participated in "Masters Of Song Fu 6". He's only made a small jump in subscribers (30 to 39) so go check his music out.

glenra & @glenraphael

Call It A Day by Eli Lieb
When I first subbed Eli he had 101 subs...he's now up to 318. I can only take credit for 1 of those subs, but I hope he keeps gaining momentum.

elilieb & @elilieb

I Think We've Made It by Craig Bevan
Craig doesn't have much original stuff up yet, but I'm still glad I subbed his channel. His sub count went from 518 to 843

MrCraigBevan & @MrCraigBevan

Paint Me A Picture by Alina Ostrow
Unfortunately she hasn't had much of an increase in subs yet, going from 183 to 204.


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