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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Had Me At Hell No

Spintown News:
Sometimes I get really bad headaches while searching for videos. Here's 3 videos that are so bad they're funny:
1. Ve Vill Rock You
2. MC Fail-A-Lot
3. Baby

You Had Me At Hell No by Ellen Angelico

I Found You by Mike Lombardo
Mike wrote this for Song Fu 6, and the challenge was to write a song that didn't rhyme. You can watch my interview with Mike HERE.

Some Might Say by Todd Kuffner

32 by Jeremy Manongdo

Facebook Lover by Tyler Ward & Krista Nicole

Beautiful Ruin by Jenny Katz
If you missed yesterday's "YouTube Treasure Hunt", you should definately check that out.

Forgotten by Asim Chin

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