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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hero Rising

Spintown News:
Ok, so I couldn't help myself, and I'm blogging here again. I took a break from blogging here while I was setting up the SpinTunes song writing competition. Well most of the work for that is done. I had 31 different bands/musicians sign up, rules & schedules are made, the challenges are ready, I made a NEW blog just for the contest and the first challenge will be announced this Saturday at 1AM EST.

I hope you decide to follow along with the competition. There will be at least 67 original songs written & all available for download FREE! You can click the new yellow button that says "SpinTunes" to take you to the new blog page.

Hero Rising by Dr. Noise

Airliner by Tyler Ward & Julia Sheer

Monsters In The Cupboard by Molly Samson

Emo Stacy by Twintapes

No Limit by Caitlin Bell

Write It Down by Seph Bentos

The Nest by Joe Kim

CLICK HERE for 7 new covers.

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