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Saturday, July 31, 2010


TeamOXOX gets top honors for this original song.

That'll Be The Day by Mike Lombardo
You can watch my interview with Mike HERE.

Homespun Love by Paul Larson

Your Kiss by Chester See

As You by Esna Yoon & Sam Hart

How I Write A Song A Day by Jonathan Mann

Said Love by Zarni Dewet



Austin Criswell wins the top spot over some very popular YouTubers today with his Eagles cover.

Real With Me by Alyssa Bernal (Cady Groves cover)

The Only Exception by Kina Grannis (Paramore cover)

Somebody To Love by Gabe Bondoc (Justin Bieber cover)

Love The Way You Lie by Meghan Tonjes & Brett The Intern (Eminem cover)
You can watch my interview with Meghan HERE.

Me, Myself And I by Sarah LaMantia (Hanson cover)
You can watch my interview with Sarah HERE.

Only Sixteen by Glenn Case (Sam Cooke cover)


Monday, July 26, 2010

Leave The Stone Alone

Denise Hudson gets top honors for uploading my favorite Denise Hudson original onto YouTube.

It's Always Summertime by The Gregory Brothers

We Are Spoons by Sam Hart

Incoherent by Josh Woodward

Covered In Your Soul by Dylan Patrello

Feels Like Rain by Ryan Welton

Naked by Naomi King


Before He Cheats

Michelle Vargas wins top honors with this incredible Carrie Underwood cover.

Secrets by Marcus & Eric Stanley (One Republic cover)

Lay In My Bed by David Sides & Sem (Mario cover)

American Honey by Tyler Ward & Julia Sheer (Lady Antebellum cover)

Brinstar 1 by The OneUps (Super Metroid cover)

Gavin's Song by Scott MacKay (Marc Broussard cover)

Nothin' On You by Matt Hutchison (BoB cover)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

You + Me = Drugs

Dustin Prinz gets top honors for his original song today.

You Don't Know Me Anymore by Ryan Clouse

Supernova Pilot by Dub FX, CAde, Pete Philly & Mr. Woodnote

Dear Friend by Meghan Tonjes
You can watch my interview with Meghan HERE.

Never Change by Melissa Polinar

Someone by Kata Hay

But Instead by Anna Rayburn


You Lost Me

Matt Condello gets top honors today, for his Christina Aguilera cover.

We'll Be A Dream by AJ Rafael, Tori Kelly & TJ Brown (Demi Lovato cover)

I'm Yours by Igor Presnyakov (Jason Mraz cover)

Airplanes by Ahmir & Traphik (B.o.B. cover)

Shark In The Water by Christina Grimmie (VV Brown cover)

World Of Chances by Caitlin Bell (Demi Lovato cover)

Dynamite by Megan & Liz (Taio Cruz cover)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #14

I think I subbed 2 of the channels from this months hunt. The following are my favorite original songs that I stumbled onto while sifting through all the crap on YouTube. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new talent & check out their personal channels.

You can find the rules I use to conduct these hunts HERE. In short, I wade through all the garbage looking for new talent so you don't have to. There's A LOT of talent on YouTube that doesn't get the attention it deserves...I hope to shed just a little light on some of that talent.

What I Can Do by Paul Larson (1,170 subs)


Older by Cristina Birkel (212 subs)


Sentimental by Joe Passafiume (46 subs)


Metaphorically Perfect by Leah Khambata (50 subs)


Those Who Know My Name by Jeramy Blackford (87 subs)


Halo by Danna Richards (14 subs)


Arm In Arm by John Daly (338 subs)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Matthew Jordan gets top honors for his original song & slick video.

Whoop Dee Doo by Lynzie Kent

Dying To Live by My Terrible Friend

Groovy Blue by Dave Santucci

Take A Pill by Glenn Case

I Just Wanna Love You by Ally Rhodes

Adrenaline Rush by Gareth Pearson

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jar Of Hearts

This original by Christina Perri has been flying up the charts lately.

Seventeen by Lynzie Kent

The Daylight Here by My Terrible Friend

Secrets by One Republic

Control by Raven Zoe featuring Tom Milsom

Did You Ever? by ScribbleTunes

Condescending Prick by Glenn Case

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sweet Hitch-Hiker

YouTubers JeffMcNeal, mg4150 & jun626 get top honors for their awesome collab cover of this Creedence Clearwater Revival song.

Impossible by Emily Harder (Shontelle cover)

Use Somebody by Lynzie Kent (Kings Of Leon cover)

Dynamite by Tiffany Alvord (Taio Cruz cover)

Pretend by Kina Grannis (Lights cover)

Wheels by Shagpile (Foofighters cover)

Nothing Else I Can Say by Alyssa Bernal with Richard Tranley (Lady Gaga cover)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm Sitting On Top Of The World

Julien Neel gets top honors for this Ray Henderson cover. I love Dean Martin's version of this song.

(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay by Matt Lindahl (Otis Redding cover)

You Lost Me by Ana Free (Christina Aguilera cover)

Find Your Love by Brent Morgan with Cameron Fish (Drake cover)

There Goes My Baby by TeamXOXO (Usher cover)

Crossfire by Ryan Clouse (Brandon Flowers cover)

Beat It by Ricky Ficarelli (Michael Jackson cover)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Skills Song

Rocky And Balls (AKA Hannah Rockcliffe & Sophie Madeleine) apparently like "Napoleon Dynamite"....and they've got skills.

Plastic Stars by Alexis Cunningham

Work by Chris Cendana featuring Jesse Barrera

GR Airport by Guitar Republic
(ergio Altamura, Stefano Barone & Pino Forastiere)

Postcard From Hell by Josh Woodward

Hold You Down by Natalie Ann

Too Fast by Brent Brown


Saved By The Bell

Randy Haddock gets top honors for his cover of one of my favorite theme songs.

Notion by Angela Spear (Kings Of Leon cover)

If I Fell by Austin Criswell (Beatles cover)

Timeless by Jenny Suk & Jason Chen (Kelly Clarkson cover)

Hey Soul Sister by Olivia Thai (Train cover)

No Other Way by Scott MacKay (Paolo Nutini cover)

Hallelujah by Chris Dalziel (Leonard Cohen cover)


Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Lucky Day

Today David Santucci puckers up to get the top spot.

I Wrote This Song Last Night by Charlie Puth

Missing Harmony by Joseph Vincent

Bipolar by Dustin Prinz

You by Justin Taylor

Fly like The Wind by Sungha Jung

Molten Shrapnel Storm by Vafa Mottahedin


NOW! 75 Medley

Brett Domino & Steven Peavis get top honors with this great medley.

Cooler Than by Brent Morgan (Mike Posner cover)

I Never Told You by Sam Hart (Colbie Caillat cover)

Love The Way You Lie by Krista Nicole & Mars Raps (Eminem cover)

Replay by jimlapbap (Iyaz cover)

Fireworks by J Rice, Lil Crazed, Benjamin Liu & Marcthesharc27 (Drake cover)

Baby by a 1 year old (Justin Bieber cover)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Ruined Everything

This is the best Jonathan Coulton performance I've seen.

Song For Wossy by Tim Minchin

Spanish Lessons by Denise Hudson

You And Me by Mars Raps featuring Jason Chen & Matty B

Finish(ed) The Song by Raven Zoe

The Man by Guitarnish

Stop Trying by The Hair Kid (Sia cover/remix)

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Mad World

Shagpile gets today's top honors with this Gary Jules cover.

Fever by Zarni de Wet (Peggy Lee cover)

Everytime We Touch by Diana Li (Cascada cover)

I Want To Grow Old With You by Kulpreet Virdi (Westlife Cover)

Mutiny by Mike Polyakov (The Felix Culpa cover)

Sunny Afternoon by Mhazz (The Kinks cover)

Rap Fail
I don't know what he's rapping about, but I know who his school mates will be picking on this week.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Suddenly Golden

Chris Commisso earns top honors today.

A Song About Monkeys by Charlie McDonnell

Better by Meghan Tonjes
You can watch my interview with Meghan HERE.

She Wants To Know by Derek Cate

The Past Won't Happen by Glenn Case

Mona Lisa by Josh Woodward

At 50 by Doug Payne

You can find 7 new covers HERE.

Mushroom Kingdom Gurls

Sam Hart wins top honors today with his Katy Perry parody.

Faithfully by Nick Pitera (Journey cover)

Love The Way You Lie by Tyler Ward, Megan Nicole & Eppic (Eminem cover)

Halo by Emily Poole (Beyonce cover)

Stop by Matt Reid (Spice Girls cover)

I Never Told You by Lisa Scinta (Colbie Caillat cover)

Little North Korean Girl
I don't know the song or the girls name....just thought it was cool.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Shortwave, Part 1

Mike Lombardo gets top honors today for his Alan Lastufka & Luke Conard cover.
You can watch my interview with Mike HERE.

Cupid by Kris Mark (Sam Cooke cover)
You can watch my interview with Kris HERE.

Find Your Love by Sarah LaMantia (Drake cover)
You can watch my interview with Sarah HERE.

Telephone by Ricky Ficarelli (Lady Gaga cover)

Silent Night by Rhema Marvanne (Mariah Carey cover)

Lovin You Against My Will by Derek Cate & cousin Brian (Gary Allan cover)

Nothing Else Matters by The Somerset Dulcimer Orchestra (Metalica cover)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hold On

The Twintapes get today's top honors with their new original.

Is It You? by Ryan Welton

The Wedding Party by Doug Payne

Chicken Song by ?

Maybe We're Not Meant To Be by Meghan Tonjes
You can watch my interview with Meghan HERE.

Media by Dustin Prinz

The World Is Mine by Alex Day (featuring Tom Milsom)

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Anthony gets top honors today, with this loaded Lionel Ritchie cover.

Bad Day by Asim Chin (Daniel Powter cover)

Sophia by Rebecca Shearing (Nerina Pallot cover)

Wonderwall by David Choi (Oasis cover)

In My Daughter's Eyes by Michelle Vargas (Martina McBride cover)

MJ Medley by Maikel van den Boomen

Impossible by Maria Zouroudis (Shontelle cover)

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