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Sunday, October 3, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #17

The following are my favorite original songs that I stumbled onto while sifting through all the crap on YouTube during the past weeks. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new talent & check out their personal channels.

You can find the rules I use to conduct these hunts HERE. In short, I wade through all the garbage looking for new talent so you don't have to. There's A LOT of talent on YouTube that doesn't get the attention it deserves...I hope to shed just a little light on some of that talent.

Nimbus by Adam Batstone (70 subs)


Two Young Hearts by Tamara Kim featuring Jeff Orrence (232 subs)


All I Have Left by Daniel Lovell (17 subs)


Red by Jacqueline Adams featuring Garrett Fitzgerald (1,495 subs)

jacquidms & @jacquidms

Only You by Dani Nicole featuring Chris Vasquez (2,018 subs)


I'm Done by Alexandra Williams (4 subs)

MissAlexandraW & @MissAlexandraW

Fall In Love With You by Alyssa Kathryn (11 subs)


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