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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If You Ask Me To

Sam Hart can write about things other than Mario Kart.

Sunday Morning by James jones

Six Months by Jenny Miller

Taylor The Latte Boy by Nikki Malvar (Kristin Chenoweth cover)

People Are Strange by Jason Vare (The Doors cover)

You Can Always Count On Me by The Mad River Transit Singers (from the musical comedy "City of Angels")


  1. I just posted to Sam Hart's video. "Very good stuff. Spintown sent me." I think "Spintown sent me," should be the new catchphrase. If the people who FOUND the new music, dance and falling down hard sk-8-er boi videos would just take the time to say, "Spintown sent me," not only would word get back to the people you feature, but word would get out that THIS is the place to find the cool stuff!

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