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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cannibals (Real World)

I should have featured this days ago. I favorited this video when it came out to remind me to feature it. Going through my favorites last night I saw it still in there... #FacePalm My bad Kata.

Down With The Ship by Naomi King

Let It Be by Alex Goot & AJ Rafael (Beatles cover)

Who You Are by Jenny Suk & Tim Ferguson (Jessie J cover)

Rolling In The Deep by Tiffany Alvord & Jake Coco (Adele cover)

Use Somebody by Growing Robots (Kings Of Leon cover)

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  1. awww haha! It's cool! I love that you feature ANY of my video's :) :)... I MADE THE TOP OF THE PAGE!!! WOO HOO! First time for that. Bonus points for you ;)