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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Pray For You

55 YouTubers come together to record 1 original song for Japan. Of course this gets my top spot of the day. On a side note...I typically credit the people I feature on the blog & on Twitter...this video was a real bitch in terms of looking up Twitter accounts just because of the number of people involved. I think I found all but 2 people.

This song was written by J Rice & Brett McLaughlin, and features Sem, Chris Cedeña, Stacy Dudero, Buket Kocatas, AJ Rafael, Troye Sivan, Anhayla Rene Stanley, Kevin Lien, Erin Rice, Mishal Moore, Lyne Sullivan, Laura Broad, The Shures, AHMIR, Nick Pitera, Justin Reinstein, Heidi Jutras, David Choi, Iann Guérin, Jason Chen, Lucas Teague, ILLumeci, Orlando Dixon, Shan Malaika, Anna Moya, Frank Bell (click to watch my interview with Frank), Julie Corrigan, Aaron Caras, Laura Zocca, Renee Thomas, Lisa Lavie, Maria Zouroudis, Jon Molina, Jumoke Hill, Laurence Fishman, Jessica Sanchez, Sam Northwood, Amy Colalella, Juliet Weybret, Bruce and Daniel.

Lost & Found by Toyface

Semi Super Perfect by Danna Richards

You Are A Tourist by Songs With Friends (Death Cab For Cutie cover)

Angry Birds Theme by Pomplamoose (Ari Pulkkinen cover)

Pokemon Theme by Matt Mulholland (???? cover)

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